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Upgrade Your Automated Tests with JUnit 5 w/ Billy Korando

Time: 12:30-1:00PM PDT

JUnit 5 is the latest version of the popular JUnit testing framework Java. JUnit 5, released in 2017, brought many changes with it, incorporating changes to the Java language like lambdas and streams, and also lessons learned from JUnit 4. In this presentation we will look at how to migrate existing automated testing suites to use JUnit 5 and also learn some of the benefits and new features that were introduced in JUnit 5 that you can take advantage of when you start using JUnit 5 for your automated testing!

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Billy Korando

Billy is a developer advocate with IBM and has over a decade of experience. Billy is passionate about helping developers find ways to reduce mental capacity waste from tedious work; such as project initiation, deployment, testing and validation, and so on through automation and good management practices. Outside of work Billy enjoy traveling, playing kickball, and having his heartbroken by cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs. Billy also co-organizes the Kansas City Java users group.