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GitHub Actions CI/CD 101 w/ Steve Winton & Jeremy Adams

Time: 1:30-2:00PM PDT

In this short presentation you'll learn why GitHub Actions have become the popular CI/CD technology on top of GitHub by diving into the architecture and key use-cases around code quality, testing, security, package builds, and deployment to targets like VMs and Kubernetes. You'll walk away knowing how to run your first Actions workflow and where to go to get more Actions created by developer-focused companies and the huge community of developers who have adopted GitHub Actions.

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Steve Winton

Steve Winton is a seasoned developer, with a love for openness, transparency, and multi-disciplinary collaborations, seeking to positively impact the world through the craft of software and the adoption of Open Source development practices.

Jeremy Adams

Jeremy Adams is the Senior Manager of Strategic Accounts. He is a senior technologist and strategist with a passion for people and entrepreneurship, integration and automation.