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The Infrastructure Automation Landscape w/ Jake Robinson

Time: 2:00-2:30PM PDT

There are many tools and solutions for automating infrastructure, and the choices can be very ambiguous. We'll discuss the different types of automation tools and frameworks, their strengths and weaknesses, and what it means to the Infrastructure Administrator in the new world of Cloud, DevOps, and Code. We'll also dive in to what your learning track should look like based on your role, and how to level up your career using Automation.

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Jake Robinson

Jake Robinson is a Sr. Product Manager at VMware for Automation Frameworks and CLIs, including PowerCLI, ESXCLI, DCLI and vCLI. Since 2008, Jake has been focused on his passion for datacenter automation, working on some of the largest VMware implementations in the world. He is a Pluralsight author and long time contributor to the VMware community.