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GitHub Actions to Automate Multi-Cloud Deployments w/ Joe Hughes

Time: 3:00-3:30PM PDT

This is about showing everyone how quickly they can get up to speed with GitHub Actions, to run their existing Terraform configurations for vSphere, VMC on AWS, or public cloud all within this CI/CD tool.

Everyone should understand how easy it is to setup this platform for use within their operations & CI/CD workflow, and this walkthrough and sample Actions workflows & test Terraform configurations will teach them how.

In this session, we’ll run through some basics of Terraform and GitHub Actions, followed by demos of:
  • Leveraging GitHub Actions for workflows to validate & plan our Terraform configurations
  • Apply the validated Teraform configurations for deployment
  • Destroy these test environments once our testing is complete
All of these steps are done with your existing Terraform configurations, and we will show how to configure these to be performed by any pull request (for the validate/plan steps) or push (for the apply step) to a GitHub repository, or with a manual trigger of a workflow (used to destroy in our example).

The same platform can also be used to run any PowerShell, Python, or bash scripts for your environment. We'll demonstrate this by running a simple PowerShell script to tag a VM deployed by our earlier Terraform code through GitHub Actions as well.

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Joe Houghes

Joe Houghes is a Solutions Architect at Veeam Software.