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Administration Modernization: Building and Deploying Containers to vSphere Integrated Containers w/ Justin Sider

Time: 11:30-12:00PM PDT

Join me as I teach you how to migrate your PowerCLI scripts to run in vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC). Administration Modernization will revolutionize your skillset and jumpstart your career as technology continues to evolve.
During the session, I will demonstrate how to deploy a PowerShell/PowerCLI application to VIC. I will highlight some tips and tricks that I have learned in my own course of learning application modernization and how I apply those to PowerCLI.

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Justin Sider

Meet {code} coach Justin! Justin leads the development and implementation of a tool for his current company utilizing VMware, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure for an automated provisioning & testing solution. He is a strong advocate for PowerShell and using it to automate as much as possible. Justin’s github repository and blog can be found here: & In his free time Justin loves to play golf and travel!