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CodeCon Introduction & Keynote

Time: 9:00-9:30AM PDT

In the everchanging automation world, VMware has standardized the automation of Kubernetes by allowing you to automate like you always have. We're approaching Kubernetes from a vSphere automation perspective, viewing Kubernetes as the consumption layer for vSphere and embracing the merging of two. He'll discuss some new announcements around SmartNIC and remind the audience of the importance of vSphere and its adjacent opportunities. At this keynote session, we're pleased to have Kit Colbert introduce our two-day live VMware {code} Connect conference. Tune in for an exciting start to our conference!

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Kit Colbert

Kit Colbert is VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU at VMware, driving technical strategy and innovation for VMware Cloud Foundation, vSphere, and VMware's hybrid cloud offerings. Previously he was GM of Cloud-Native Apps, CTO for End-User Computing, the Chief Architect and Principal Engineer for Horizon Workspace, and the lead Management Architect for the vRealize Operations Suite. At the start of his career, he was the technical lead behind the creation, development, and delivery of the vMotion and Storage vMotion features in vSphere. Kit holds a ScB in Computer Science from Brown University and is a recognized thought-leader on Cloud-Native, End-User Computing, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure trends. He speaks regularly at industry conferences, on the main stage at VMworld, and is the Hybrid Cloud voice for the VMware Office of the CTO blog.