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A tour of tools for integrating Carbon Black Cloud into your Security Stack w/ Kylie Ebringer

Time: 2:00-2:30PM PDT

In this talk, you will get a rundown of the available Developer Tools for the Carbon Black Cloud product suite. We have RESTful APIs and a bulk data forwarder to access data directly, product-specific integrations, and a Python library to make scripting easier. Some examples of the functions available through the APIs are exporting data such as device, alert and process information, configuration of watchlists, and taking actions on endpoints using Live Response. This enables automation of tasks, export of data for further analysis and integration with other products such as SIEMs. At the end of this session, you’ll have an overview of the options available to programmatically access Carbon Black Cloud and ideas of how this can be leveraged in your environment.

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Kylie Ebringer

Kylie is the Engineering Manager of Developer Relations for VMware Carbon Black. Prior to joining Carbon Black, Kylie worked in the Australian Government in several spooky roles including coordinating international project teams and as an information architect focusing on cyber security. Before moving to architecture and management roles, Kylie developed an expertise in data modeling and data warehouse implementation.