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PowerCLI and the Art of the API w/ Luc Dekens

Time: 9:30-10:00AM PDT

To up your PowerCLI game, you ultimately can't avoid getting into the APIs (SOAP and/or REST). While this might seem daunting at first, it really isn't that hard. With some very simple guidelines (and demos) this session will add APIs to your PowerCLI toolbelt.

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Luc Dekens

Meet {code} coach Luc! Recently retired (as of a few months ago, congrats Luc!), Luc was a former systems engineer for almost 3 decades. Over the years, Luc started at Mainframe (OS/360, OS/370, VM) and a Dec PDP11 environment and transitioned to administering different Windows and Unix flavors. He has been using the VMware suite for several years and is currently into PowerShell & automation. Luc specializes in Automation, PowerShell, VMware, PowerCLI, Windows administration, Linux administration. Luc has been active in the VMware community and has even given talks at VMworld. After his talk last year on PowerCLI, a comment was made that because of his accent “Luc must be from Scotland.” Disclaimer Luc actually lives in Belgium!