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Making every engineer an automation engineer w/ Mike Garuccio

Time: 3:00-3:30PM PDT

The traditional approach to IT automation has been to build out an “automation team” who owns the creation/maintenance of all automation workflows across the IT organization. This is a great way to concentrate those skillsets and get early wins, but tends to break down at scale since it’s impossible for those teams to be experts at everything they’re being asked to automate. This talk will explore Expedient’s journey of helping all of their infrastructure engineers become automation engineers who leverage their expertise within their specialty to create useful automation workflows that improve their day-to-day productivity and experience.

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Mike Garuccio

Mike Garuccio is a Product Strategy Engineer at Expedient. He is an experienced server administrator and Powershell developer working on utility module creation and infrastructure automation. Currently he is focused on building test-validated modules and scripts that can be used in a continuous integration build process, primarily to automate Windows infrastructure provisioning.